steel welded sculpture of the word "LOVE" with the "L" stacked on the "V" and the tilted "O" stacked on the "E". Each component was fabricated from 3/16 inch thick sheets of Cor-ten steel. The sheets were cut, welded together and then finished to create hollow, enclosed structures. Each letter is 72 inches deep. Components are secured together by a bolting system. Specifically there are 2 sets of four bolts drilled along the one set and located along the proper left serif of "V" connecting to the upper proper right serif of "E". The other is located at the proper left serif of "L" connecting to the proper right middle of "O". Access panels enable entry for the bolts to be put in place. Once access panel exists along the entire upper surface of the proper left "L" serif; there are two others atop the proper right side of the "E". Central pivot points align the "O" over the "E". Two points about 2-3 inches in height are permanently attached to the "E".

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