The AAC data set and this demonstration browse application are not aspiring to create a persistent aggregation of data. As such, the licenses are not the same for all institutions.

Please read the general information below, as well as information provided by each partner institution, and the details found on the object pages themselves.

Data Licensing

All AAC partner institutions have chosen some form of Creative Commons license for the data they contributed to AAC. In some cases this means CC0 (Public Domain), while in other cases this means CC-BY (By Attribution). On the display page for each object is a link to each institution's data rights information.

Data from multiple institutions can appear on most pages of this browse application. As a result, this application overall carries a CC-BY license.

Image Licensing

Information about the artwork and archival images presented on this site is available from each institution's description page, as well on the display page for each object, next to that object's image.

Browse Application Prototype Licensing

This application is released under an open source license as of January 2018. The project is hosted at the Design for Context GitHub repository.